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Are Solar Panels the Right Choice for Your Home?

Solar panels harness the sun's energy, one of nature's most potent and cost-free resources. Using semiconductor technology, solar panels, sometimes referred to as photovoltaic systems (PV systems), transform solar energy into electricity that can run your home.

But, are they the right solution for your home?

In the UK, more than 4,000 solar panels are installed on average each month. The price of solar panels has decreased by 60% in the last ten years as a result of their rising popularity. As new technologies have been developed to make solar energy components more affordable, the cost of solar panels has continuously declined over the past few years. Additionally, solar panels can help you make money from the extra electricity they produce, in addition to just lowering your energy costs. The VAT on energy-saving measures will be eliminated beginning in April 2022, according to the UK government.

So, the 3 key benefits of solar panels are:

  • Electricity all year long – Solar panels produce clean, emission-free electricity to power your house all year long, and they are a long-term wise investment due to their lengthy life duration of more than 25 years.

  • Increase your home's market value and profit from solar grants – Another benefit of solar panels is the ability to sell any excess electricity they produce. With SEG, you'll not only make money, but also raise the worth of your home in the market.

  • Minimize your carbon footprint – A solar-powered home helps to reduce domestic harmful emissions and has a smaller carbon footprint.

UtilityKing has compiled the most helpful material in this guide to assist you in making the move to solar energy, including:

The UK's average cost of solar panels
Financial rewards to assist you in maximizing your investment
Practical details on installation costs and methods
Features of solar panels that determine efficiency as well as the top models available
Providing responses to all popular online queries

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

Consider the typical PV system in a UK home to be a 4kW solar panel system. It costs about £6,000 and produces 3,400 kWh annually. When operating under ideal conditions, solar panels can supply 83–106% of your household's yearly electricity usage, which is approximately 3,200–4,100 kWh. However, this is reliant on the amount of sunshine and energy used. Additionally, you can get paid to export excess energy back to the grid thanks to incentives like the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)!

Therefore, even though it involves a sizable initial investment, using solar energy can yield excellent returns over time. If you desire a quantitative analysis of seasonality and monthly energy output.

UtilityKing can assist if you're looking to compare different solar panel installers in the UK and are interested in buying solar panels. Simply select your region, and we will deliver up to 4 quotes from local vendors that are suited to your needs. Accepting any quote is entirely up to you.

As per Utility King the best energy suppliers are:

  • Best overall service | Scottish and Southern Energy.

  • Best at resolving complaints quickly | EDF.

  • The largest supplier | British Gas.


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