Are Solar Panels Efficient in the UK?

The UK has excellent solar panel efficiency. Solar panels do not require direct sunshine in order to function, though bright days increase their efficiency. During the winter and on overcast days, solar panels can still provide a sizable amount of electricity.
In fact, solar panels perform better in colder climates. In regions with exceptionally extreme temperatures, solar panels might overheat. So, for the most part of the year, the weather in the UK is favorable for the product's effectiveness.

Solar Panels Are Efficient in Snowy Climates

  • Solar panels are incredibly efficient even in cold climates, thanks to a phenomenon called the “albedo effect.” Similar to how skiers and snowboarders can easily become sunburned on the slopes, more electricity can be generated because of the way snow's white color reflects sunlight. Naturally, the solar panels must first be cleared of snow for the system to function. Anything covering your solar panels will lower their efficiency.

  • The efficiency rate of a typical commercial solar module is between 15% and 20%. Increasing module efficiency while maintaining a low cost per cell is one of the PV industry's key challenges.

  • Naturally, a variety of factors, including as the type of solar panel you choose, angling, and seasonality, can impact how effective your system is.

  • The idea that solar panels perform poorly in the winter is a widely held one. Solar panels can, however, still be useful throughout the winter if they are properly installed and maintained.

  • The graph below displays the year average energy output from a south-facing 4kW household solar panel system installed on a roof with a 40-degree pitch. In the winter, solar panels can supply 33-51% of the energy needed to run a home.

  • Kilowatt-hours are the unit of measurement for solar panel output (kWh). Add the minimum and average amounts to get the average energy output. Add the three together to achieve the output at its highest level.


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