At Utility King, we ensure that your data is Private

Utility King is steadfast in maintaining adherence to its legal, regulatory obligations while collecting or processing personal data from its employees, clients, stakeholders, or partners. We comply with European and UK data protection regulations. This privacy policy explains in detail how we collect data from you once you visit our website or become a recipient party to our services.
Our Privacy Policy is updated from time to time just to make sure that we are able to uphold our transparency in front of our customers.

Personal Data Collection

The data collected will be solely from business or non-personal individuals and will be processed only for the sole purpose of business interactions. The personal information will be collected from individuals when

  You get in touch with us through or active staff or referral programs
 You contact us directly or visit our website
  You receive our services and access our information
  Enquiry, work application with Utility King

We may collect the following types of information

Name, business name, address, contact number, email address
  DOB for the sole purpose of verification
  Website data which would be related to location, traffic, web blogs, and other important communication
  Financial information and payment information like card or banking details

What is the purpose of collecting this information?

The personal information is collected
  To provide you with utility services which you are entitled to under agreement or requested
  To provide information about products and services which might interest you in particular
  To safeguard and protect our staff and members
  To meet our regulatory obligations and legal bindings as we have a contract with you as a client

Process of information collection

We collect information
  Directly when you visit our website or apply for services
  From recorded telephonic conversations
  Directly from referral partners
  From social media and other social channels
  Directly from our staff roll especially through job application records

Ensuring the safety and security of your information

We take utmost care to ensure that all personal information is protected against any kind of misuse. Your personal information is only accessed by authorized staff who need to access the data for purely professional reasons.

Data sharing with third parties

We are obligated not to sell your personal information to third parties. We guarantee that under no circumstances shall we be compelled to sell your personal information to third parties. As a brokerage partner for energy, insurance, gas, and telecom, we might have a requirement to share your personal information.

For our general day to day data processing, we use the following to help us administer and monitor important services

  for database management of our clients, staff and office admin
  for payroll and financial accounting
  to share newsletters, promotional detail, industry news or other information that may be of interest to you
  to help us improve our services and database
  for credit checking and verification of client applications
  for the administration of our website and customer interactions with UB
  for any legal guidance in the provision of our services

Cookies Policy

We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements. It is also used to analyze social media traffic. Your consent to accept cookies gives us the right to personalize content for advertising.