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Can I Get Free Solar Panels in the UK?

Free solar panel giveaways were once commonplace, but they are no longer distributed in the UK. The government has significantly decreased the Feed-In Tariff since solar panels are becoming more reasonably priced (FIT). Because of this, many businesses are unable to profit from the free solar panel program.

This service enjoyed a great deal of popularity a few years ago, when the solar Feed in Tariff incentives were higher. Companies offered to rent your roof space for up to 25 years, while free-of-charge handling the installation and upkeep of solar panels. These businesses would then receive payment from the FIT in exchange. This allowed you to receive free solar panels for your house. While this was effective when FIT rewards were larger, firms can no longer afford to do it today.

The “free solar panel bargain” has been replaced by the solar buyback program today. In essence, businesses give upfront lump sum payments to homes with solar panels already installed. In return, the business obtains the remaining FIT benefits that the homeowner would have gotten.

The solar Feed in Tariff, however, expired on March 31, 2019, and is no longer an option in the UK.

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What Was the 'Free Solar Panel' Deal?

The free solar panel arrangement would have been advantageous for you if you possessed a suitable roof but were unable to come up with the money to pay for the solar panel system. You could get solar panels that would produce a sizable amount of the electricity you required, and you would reduce your annual bill payments. With this plan, the installers offered to handle everything, so you didn't have to worry about solar panel installation, maintenance, etc.

Those that signed up to receive a free solar panel have a contract with the relevant business. You as the owner will keep the panels after the 25-year period specified in the contract expires, but you won't get any FIT payments. The panels will still produce some electricity, so you will still save money on your bills.

Selling extra energy back to the grid will result in savings as well. In addition, there are a variety of other advantages of solar energy.

In any case, women with young children, retirees, and those who work from home could benefit the most from the “free” offer. The reason is that they spend the most of the day at home, which is the best time to utilize the electricity generated.

What Type of Roof Was Ideal for Free Solar Panels?

If your roof didn't suit the necessary profile, you were rejected by companies that were searching for the “correct” roofs. Therefore, you needed a roof with at least 30 square meters of vacant space. It needed to face nearly fully south and be free of any obstructions that may have provided shade, which meant that any adjacent trees or telegraph poles might have been a challenge.

Depending on how good but not quite ideal the circumstances are, some businesses could be willing to make concessions. For instance, you might have obtained the offer with a £500 deposit or a $5 monthly payment.

What Are the Downsides of Free Solar Panels?

  • Free solar panels are no longer offered in the UK, but if you chose this option, it may be wise to be aware of some of its drawbacks.

  • If you ever decide to sell your house, you can run into difficulties. Even though they will be the ones consuming them and the electricity they provide, some people may be confused by the large solar panels on the roof.

  • If you signed a 20–25 year contract with a business, you will need to mention this when selling your house and make sure the new owners accept the terms as well, presuming the contract may be transferred.

  • Overall, the drawbacks are that since you don't own the system, you don't personally receive the Feed in tariff payment.

You have the opportunity to transfer energy providers since you have the power to choose, so seek for additional incentives, bonuses, and services to discover the business and plan that works for you.

What If I Install Solar Panels Myself?

Many experts agree that purchasing your own solar panel system is still the preferable choice because solar panel costs are consistently falling and becoming more accessible.

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