Last year, the energy sector has seen hugh transformation.

How will this affect your energy costs and change tariff?

If you were on an out-of-contract energy tariff up to the summer of 2021, moving your supplier could have saved you money, especially if you hadn't switched before or had switched in a while.

  • All changed when wholesale gas prices reached record highs in September 2021 and wholesale electricity costs followed, largely as a result of the volume of electricity generated by gas-fired power plants. Then, the Ukrainian conflict significantly worsened the situation.
  • The government was compelled to act when prices continued to rise beginning on October 1. The price cap for a typical household under its energy price guarantee will be set at £2,500 for the next two years, it was revealed on September 8. For dual fuel customers paying by direct debit starting on October 1, this translates to an average unit price of 34p/kWh for electricity and 10.3p/kWh for gas, both inclusive of VAT. This implies that no new fixed tariffs are currently offered, thus switching providers will not result in a savings.
  • The price cap was set to grow from the typical household's current annual cost of £1,971 (paid by direct debit, dual fuel customer, with “medium” energy usage) to an absurd £3,549, an increase of 80%. More shockingly, Cornwall Insight, an energy consultancy, predicted that it would peak at a startling £6,616 in the second quarter of 2023.
    However, as the results of the poll below show, there are still significant gaps between the best and worst companies in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • We collaborated with YouGov in July 2022 to conduct a nationwide survey of 2,051 people in Great Britain to learn what they thought of their service providers. We questioned them about their customer service, value for money, and bills, as well as whether they would refer them to a friend. We also questioned them regarding the assistance they received from their vendors.

»  According to our poll, the top three providers in Great Britain overall were British Gas, Scottish and Southern Energy, and EDF. SSE and E.ON performed well for the speed with which they responded to consumer calls, and Bulb Energy and E.ON received good marks for how simple their bills are to understand.

How to proceed if you're having trouble paying your energy bills

  1. The energy price guarantee will prevent bills from reaching the unimaginably high levels they otherwise would have. The cost of energy is still much higher than it was a year ago, so it's crucial to seek assistance if you're having trouble making ends meet.
  2. As soon as you can, get in touch with your supplier. If you have a prepayment meter and are unable to afford to top it off, it is required to provide you an acceptable payment plan. You may also request emergency credit.
  3. Check to see if you qualify for further assistance through the government's cost of living payment,if you qualify for benefits.
What you should be aware of regarding renewable energy
  1. Many of us want to use “green” energy produced from renewable sources like the wind or sun to do our part for the environment. In addition to selling “green” gas generated from organic waste or carbon-offset gas, many suppliers now offer 100% renewable electricity.
  2. It's important to keep in mind that this does not apply to energy that is used in your home because all power produced, regardless of how it was produced, enters the National Grid.
  3. Instead, energy companies who guarantee to deliver green energy provide several examples to support their claims. Others merely purchase certificates to demonstrate that the same quantity has been generated as has been consumed by their clients. Some people choose to generate their own renewable electricity, while others choose to invest in it or purchase it from generators. If this is significant to you, see which applies to your supplier.
As per UtilityKing the best energy suppliers are:
  • Best overall service | Scottish and Southern Energy.

  • Best at resolving complaints quickly | EDF.

  • The largest supplier | British Gas>

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