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How to Choose the Best Solar Panels (10 Criteria)

TYPE: Solar panels come in two main varieties: Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline, which account for the majority of the market.
POWER: Watts are the unit used to measure a solar panel's “power” (W). This number represents a panel system's energy output under standard test conditions.
TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT: You want to know how much a temperature increase will affect how efficient your panel is. For each 1 °C increase in temperature (after 25 °C), the temperature coefficient expresses the percentage reduction in power output.
SIZE: The physical size of a panel can be your main concern if your roof space is restricted. The top 10 solar panels are listed according to their measurements in L, W, and H.
WEIGHT: You should be aware of the weight of your solar panel system. You must choose lightweight panels if your roof lacks much strength.
PRODUCT WARRANTY: Manufacturers of solar panels provide warranties on their products to ensure their durability. On our list, the warranties span from 10 to 25 years.
PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION: Over the course of their 25-year lifespan, solar panels will all suffer some sort of performance decline. Efficiency typically declines by 2-3% after the first year, and then by 0.2-0.7% annually after that.
MAXIMUM WIND LOAD: In the UK, you need your solar panels to resist all weather conditions, including hurricanes and severe winds. Manufacturers test for this tolerance, which is measured in pascals (Pa). The wind tolerance increases with the quantity, however the majority of panels are approved to endure 2,400 Pa, or 140 mph (ca. 225 km/h).

There have been more solar panel producers on the global market since the uptick in the use of renewable energy. At UtilityKing, we collaborate with both market newcomers who are advancing solar energy technology and industry veterans who have been manufacturing photovoltaic modules since the 1960s.

Do Solar Panels Reduce Your Electricity Bills?

  • SunPowerMaxeon 3
  • Peimar SM325M (FB)
  • SunPower P19-320-BLK
  • Yingli PANDA Bifacial 72CL
  • LG NeON R 365
  • Sharp NU-AF
  • Q. Cells Q.Peak Duo BLK-G6
  • Panasonic HIT N340
  • Panasonic HIT N300
  • Amerisolar AS-6P30

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