Who has the best energy rates 2024?

You might be wondering which businesses would offer you the greatest service if you're considering changing your energy provider. Utility King wants to make it as simple as possible for clients to compare the best energy costs and identify the finest service.

You may easily access the most recent evaluations for a variety of suppliers thanks to the customer ratings included in our list of reliable energy suppliers.

Looking for the finest energy provider in UK?

Fortunately, to identify the top energy suppliers on the market, Utility King Conducts an annual UK energy satisfaction survey of more than 8,000 consumers.

Here, we look at which energy providers had the greatest reviews for things like bill accuracy and clarity, customer support, and managing complaints. The top energy providers in terms of customer support. For the majority of us, transferring suppliers should be done with the customer's experience in mind.

  • Only one energy provider, British Gas, received a perfect grade for customer service. Green Stary Energy was the provider with the lowest rating, with only 2 stars. The most reliable energy providers for resolving complaints.

  • It's critical to be able to quickly resolve any energy-related issues with the energy provider whenever they arise. When it came to managing complaints, Scottish Energy and EDF Energy both received 5 stars in the Utility King Energy Survey.

  • The Best Energy Providers for Clear and Accurate Bills. Energy providers have been working to streamline invoices in recent years to make it simpler for customers to obtain the information they require.

  • British Gas was rated as the best energy supplier in the Utility King Energy Survey, receiving a score of 5 for bill accuracy and 4 for bill clarity, earning it a perfect score of 5 overall.

As per Utility King the best energy suppliers are:

  • Best overall service | Scottish and Southern Energy.

  • Best at resolving complaints quickly | EDF.

  • The largest supplier | British Gas.

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Now you understand that using the free energy price comparison tool of Utility King will not only help you to compare energy suppliers but also bring you the options to select the best electricity provider in your area. Utility King is also able to help you with energy switch to ensure that you will get the best energy deals from the cheapest energy supplier.