Suppliers still have millions of pounds to give to vulnerable customers who are unable to afford to heat their homes

Millions of pounds in subsidies are available for help

Millions of pounds worth in grants is available to give to households struggling to pay their energy bills

Major energy providers continue to have funds available to assist disadvantaged households in staying warm when the winter weather hits.

Millions of pounds in subsidies are available to help struggling households pay their energy bills, and you can apply to one - British Gas - whether you're a customer or not. The funds might be critical for poor households facing skyrocketing winter expenditures. Prices will climb by 20% on average starting in April under the Energy Price Guarantee, with a typical bill jumping from £2,500 to £3,000 per year.

Many awards have already been distributed, but energy providers still have money - often hundreds of pounds - to help struggling homes.

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British Gas, for example, still had £7.5 million available in mid-December, while Octopus had £15 million to claim. Meanwhile, EDF, Eon Next, Ovo, and Shell Energy all confirmed to Money Saving Expert that they still had cash available, albeit they would not provide specific quantities. Grant applications are currently being accepted by Scottish Power and Utility Warehouse. Bulb, which was recently sold to Octopus Energy, is no longer accepting new applicants.

The extent to which your supplier provides assistance, who qualifies, and how much you will get varies. For example, Scottish Power wants customers to be on particular benefits, whereas Utility Warehouse requires consumers to be in fuel poverty or on the verge of going into energy debt. Most suppliers need applicants to speak with a debt consultant such as StepChange before applying, complete an income and spending budgeting form, present evidence of income, explain how arrears have accrued, and explain how the grant would assist them. Those perceived to be in the greatest need will most likely be prioritized.

British Gas, for example, operates a plan that is accessible to all consumers, regardless of whether they buy their energy from British Gas or not. The British Gas Energy Trust award will pay up to £1,500 to homes with a fuel debt of £250 or more and no savings of more than £1,000. If you have received a British Gas grant during the last two years, you are ineligible to apply. More information may be found here. British Gas offers a separate system for its clients.

More information is provided below:


Name of fund: Customer Support Fund

Maximum payment: No set limit – depends on your circumstances

Criteria to apply:

Eon Next

Name of fund: Energy Fund

Maximum payment: No set limit – depends on your circumstances

Criteria to apply:


Name of fund: Octo Assist Fund

Maximum payment: No set limit – depends on your circumstances

Criteria to apply:

Scottish Power

Name of fund: Hardship Fund

Maximum payment: Varies depending on need and funds available

Criteria to apply:

Shell Energy

Name of fund: Support Fund

Maximum payment: No set limit – depends on your circumstances

Criteria to apply:


Name of fund: Customer Support Scheme(run in conjunction with UtilitySavers)

Maximum payment: Supplier wouldn't confirm

Criteria to apply:

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